I got another commissioned request to make a custom card for Star Wars X-wing miniatures. This time they wanted “Backdraft”. This one was interesting because they wanted me to shrink the stats section so that there would be more room for the Art. This made things slightly more complicated but I think I managed to pull it off. So, for anyone else out there who might be making their own custom cards I’ll share some of the process in hopes that it may be of use to some..

On the other two cards I was able to use “Strange Eons” to simply swap out the art and change all the stats. In order to change the size of the cards stats and keep things in proportion I was either going to have to do a lot of photo shopping or get lucky and find a template of some sort. Lucky me I stumbled across said template over at “afewmaneuvers.com” thanks to a user who goes by the user name “GeckoTH”. Way to go man! That’s some nice work your doing. This helped move things along quite a bit. Then, I had to find and install the matching fonts, shrink each layer, and do some creative cutting and pasting. 

Unfortunantely, there where still a few missing icons that I needed to finish the job. I grabbed them from either Strange Eons or from other scans on the web. 

So with the template all set then I had to create the graphic. My instructions where to draw her in booty shot pose and give her short punk rockish hair. Since there is no art for this character I could do whatever. But, then I decided to give her a blaster..  I know some of you are going to say “Why is she holding a Power 5 Heavy Pistol? She should be holding a SE-44c Blaster Pistol!”, and to that I say.. I just thought it looked cooler for this image. I’m not even sure if I colored the pistol right. It seems to be different on every site I looked at and after a few hours of diving through Star Wars forums my head started to hurt.

Anyways, it’s finished now and I’m going to go get started on the next Ant Guy page.