I was recently lent 90-something issues of Invincible from my friend who lives across the street from me. It was all in hardcover or trade format so it  was just awesome to read through that much story all at once. Also, since the material was so awesome it still didn’t seem like enough so I jumped on this ol’ internet machine and looked around to see what was new with the series. Turned out they had hit 100 issues and were having an Art contest to celebrate the 100th issue of the series. I immediately thought of Invincible and Dinosaurus fighting. Since one of the rules was that it had to have the word Invincible on it I decided I didn’t want to just copy and paste the logo and decided to bust it up a bit. I don’t know I just think it looks cool.

I’ve read the rules and since this contest is for merchandise and stuff I don’t think it would be wise to share the final image on my blog, but I did scan the pencils and inks. So, I figure I could share those parts of the process. This was a lot of fun, I hope I can get to a comic store sometime soon so I can read issue 100.

If you would like to see the final colored version you can check it out–> HERE.

Inked version - Invincible contest designAbove is the inked version. I used Manga Studio and a Wacom Bamboo. (It was colored in Photoshop.)

Penciled version - Invincible design contest

This was the penciled version. I used pencils and a piece of paper. (Erasers too.)

Good times, LaTeRz.