Yay! I’ve sold some books but I’d like to sell some more so here’s my new incentive..

Anyone who has bought or buys my book by Halloween can get a chance to get a free commission from me. 11×17 Pen and Ink on bristol board, single character. It can be “any” character not just one of mine. I’ve got shipping covered too 😉

All you have to do is show me you bought it somehow..

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Picture, Invoice, whatever and then DM me on social media, email me at contact@044.64a.myftpupload.com, or just post it online.

I want to start offering commissions on my website soon so this piece will serve as one of my examples of what to expect. So, you know I’m going to put some extra gusto into it.

Have fun, good luck, and I’m gonna go doodle..