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It’s been awhile since I got excited about drawing Ant Guy but I’m starting to do it again. For awhile I was bummed out a bit because it looked like I was never going to be able to make a print edition of this story. My life got crazy for a bit and after a series of moves I somehow lost most of the original files and most of the original art was scattered about either in storage or some random box or folder. So, I was either going to have to get lucky and find a back up of a back up somewhere or redraw a lot of Ant Guy comics.

Drawing something for the first time is a joy. Your creating something new and exciting. Ideas are flowing out your brain and your hand is translating them the best they can to whatever medium you choose to work in that day. Redrawing something is not quite the same thing. Those same lines and ideas that flowed out of your imagination are now having to be painstakingly recreated. It’s sort of like being in a grown up coloring book hell. You’ve got to stay in the lines but your lines are lines. Line width’s must be followed, no happy accidents tend to occur since it’s a recreation, and the overall fun of illustrating something is somehow lost in translation.

Luckily for me I found that back up of a back up about two weeks ago. I had found about 90% of the original files. This was enough to get me excited again and so off I went to recreate the missing files. Most of them I had found were the old scans of the original art work. So it was simply a matter of cleaning them up and relettering them. Another missing one was found in one of my many “I don’t know what to do with all this art” boxes. So I scanned that one and did the balloons thing to that one as well.

Alas, as lucky as I was there was one that I just couldn’t find anywhere.. Ant Guy #31. What happened that day? Maybe I was attacked by a penguin that knew kung-fu, maybe I was distracted by an Amazonian Goddess, or maybe I just f***ed up and shrunk it for web before saving a full size version and closed photoshop? The world may never know..

Some of you know how big a difference a print ready version versus a web version is. For those of you that don’t know I’ve created the following example from the one comic I had to redraw to serve as an example.



Anyways, that’s all behind me now because I’m now completely finished fixing the old comics for print and am happy to say I’m working on the new ones now. I’ve missed drawing this crew, speaking of which I’ve got a pirate to draw. You’ll see what I mean soon. Have fun everyone, and LaTeRz!